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Are you looking for home and care for your senior in any part of Arizona? Do you ask yourself;" what can I do now with my mother? what can I do now with my father? Are you looking for assistance for you elderly? would you like to find the most affordable and best places in Arizona??? FREE help to find the best care facility nursing home , assisted living or group home, AT LOWER COST (Half price what you would pay a nursing home, matching your needs, in the area you want like: SUN CITY SENIOR CARE, PEORIA SENIOR CARE, SCOTTSDALE SENIOR CARE, FOUNTAIN HILLS SENIOR CARE, PHOENIX SENIOR CARE,, AVONDALE SENIOR CARE, GLENDALE SENIOR CARE, SUN CITY WEST SENIOR CARE,TEMPE SENIOR CARE, MESA SENIOR CARE. Professional guiding with the whole process of finding the right place, with a reasonable price and moving in, even adjusting to the new home. Respite care available too! For those searching memory care like : alzheimer's, dementia, we have specialized housing equiped and experienced , so even the highest level of care is covered. For those looking for diabetes care including dialysis care we have facilities specialized in this type of care. We work in several parts of the Valley: Sun City Sun city west, Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fountain HIlls, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Avondale, Surprise. We work with residents with all levels of care for different illnesses like: alzheimers(all stages), dementia, stroke, broken bones and rehabilitation process, parkinson's disease, cancer, incontinence, diabetes (insuline shots and monitoring the blood sugar level), arthritis, feeding tubes, arthritis,kidneys failure,high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and many others. Short term or long term are accepted, and we will be making assessments when clients call to take note of all the care needs for the senior. Our care facilities offer 24 hour care, 3 meals a day, laundry and housekeeping service, medication management, transportation. all the equipment like wheelchairs and walkers , electric beds etc need to be provided by the elderly. The assisted living homes we are going to take you for the tours are licensed by the Arizona Health Department licensing division and they are inspected every year. Veterans can apply (we will help with the application)for a financial aid for their housing and care in assisted living home or nursing home they select. We do work with few 5 stars, elegant first class care facilities, and we can take you in free tours to show those around Phoenix, if this is what you are looking for, as welll as nice but affordable assisted living group homes. We work with the best professionals in geriatric field, including geriatric doctors, nurses, caregivers. We are proud to be considered the best Care providers for seniors and elderly in Arizona. We will make sure that your high or low level of care its addressed properly and our doctor advisor will help with the assessment. Health care service in today's world is a very important key in the process of aging. Housing for seniors, experienced caregivers, quality service and professional care are the main things we are looking for when we select the appropriate facility for you. If your elderly has alzheimer's stage 4 or dementia stage 4 we will find the appropiate place for their care with more than one caregiver 24 hours. We will always help seniors to find the kind of place they are looking for to better match their wishes: we work with assisted living homes for catholics, jewish, baptists, lutherans or asians all over the Valley. Just let us know if you have a preference. We work with Alzheimer"s Association, Veterans Department and many other senior association in Arizona. WE can beat any price for care and housing you found with better services!!! Hospice service delivered at home! on call doctors, on call nurses, medical equipment delivered at home are some of the great advantages you can benefit in any group home.You will love the assisted living rates, all the service group homes are providing, the caregivers and medical knowledge they have. It is a very well known fact that assisted living homes (so called group homes) are better than nursing homes and big assisted living facilities. Handling difficult levels of care in a small environment, assisted living we offer to you are the perfect place for seniors in need the care but also for those who are looking for companionship. The activities are great, the atmosphere is proper for socializing. Let us help you to find the right place for FREE !


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residential care home,elderly care homes,local nursing home,nursing homes facilities,nursing home r

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